For us you're not just a customer - you're one of us

shuttergang mazda rx7

Shuttergang Labs store is based purely on success, hard work and experience we keep earning since the day Shuttergang brand was created. Shuttergang is essentially a community for car enthusiasts with Facebook Group of almost 6,000 members strong which expands daily. And even though we are formally and by definition a business we avoid calling Shuttergang this way. Your everyday business aims to maximise its monetary profit. We aim to maximise your satisfaction. For us this store's function is not to sell our goods to complete strangers. Instead we want to allow fellow enthusiasts to purchase car enhancement products easily at any time and place.

Does it mean you can't shop here if you're not part of our group or have zero interest in our events? Most definitely not. You may choose not join us for whatever reason you have, but if you decide to modify your car it means you are also a car enthusiast - just like us.

This is just one of the reasons why it is worth shopping with us. If this is not enough to convince you here are more reasons to shop with us.