Reasons why you should trust us with your purchase

shuttergang beetle

Still not convinced we are the ones you can trust? We came up with a quick list of reasons we strongly believe we are your best option.

1. Professionalism

At Shuttergang we are all experienced professionals. We are all well trained in wide range of areas such as: customer service, finance, international business, graphics and design, photography and even mechanics. At each stage of your journey as our customer you will be assisted by one of us to guide you towards the right choice of purchase.

2. Honesty

We mentioned this on number of occasions but we will say it once again: our aim is not to squeeze every penny possible from your wallet. Instead our mission is to provide you with ultimate customer experience. If we cannot provide you with product which will satisfy your needs we will make you aware of this and will not force you towards making purchase which you will not be happy with.

3. After care

Your experience for us is not only while you shop, but also at your research stage and after you make you complete your purchase in case you had any issues. Our expert team will be there in case you have any issues with your products.

4. Quality assurance

We only ever sell product which are positively tested and we know they will not let us down. With fast increasing number of "cowboy" eBay and Facebook sellers we want to make sure you will remember us as your right choice. We guarantee our parts will fit. If they will not we will take the product back from you within 28 days of purchase and refund you the money.

5. UK Stock

All of the stock listed on our website is manufactured or stocked in the UK. This not only guarantees you better quality than cheap imports but saves you on hassle. According to our research almost 90% of shoppers are not aware of process when you buy goods from abroad. The price you see is only the price you pay for the good. On top of this you have to pay for delivery, VAT, import tax and in many cases handling charge.

6. Research

We are highly numerical team and we based our success on research. No choice made by us is random - every little decision we made is evaluated to make sure there are no better options. Our decisions are based on simple maths: Quality > Price.

We are 100% transparent with our philosophy and mission. We could keep listing everything we do behind the scenes for our customers and make this list endless. But do you really want to spend most of your time reading about us or would you rather get on with your car parts research? Instead we invite you to experience this important journey with us and if you will not be happy with it we will take the products back from you - no questions asked!

Bart Simon Kesek
BSc (Hons) Economics, Finance and International Business
Founder of Shuttergang Media