Sunglasses designed for driving! 11 styles available!

Summer - the most beautiful time of the year... Well, who cares?! We are the car enthusiasts and all we really care about is the fact that we get longer days and better weather to work and enjoy our cars!

But as well as sun is no doubt a great benefit for any car activities it can be quite annoying when driving. Luckily, our sister brand - Shuttergang Media has the solution to this! We introduced the sunglasses range which is design to reflect the sunshine at a better rate than standard sunglasses due to reflective coating.

These have been tested not only by our team but also hundreds of our customers who have confirmed the important properties.

You can find a pair which will suit your individual style out of eleven designs we currently offer on our brand's website. Click the link below to find out more:

Shuttergang Media - Driving Sunglasses