F22 Bottom-Mounted Splitter TESTED in Wales!

At Shuttergang, whether it is our merchandise or car parts we take great care when it comes to quality. We follow simple logic - you cannot vouch for the products if you don't test them your self!

Here we go then - bottom-mounted splitter is on and we were off to test how it will do in extreme, not everyday, conditions. We took a three-day-long trip to Wales, where you get the best driving experience! We went through the most beautiful routes of the Brecon Beacons, full of gravel and little stones on the road. We were worried about the body work, let alone the splitter! However in the end the splitter survived with not a single chip!

Round two included steep, tight and remote roads. This one would be extremely stressful to watch for any car enthusiast... We couldn't proceed without scraping in certain parts. Once again the splitter had survived the test and it did not break when we were moving at slow speeds.

Our final test included some private roads. This allowed us to get greater speed where we could see how the splitter behaved under pressure. This was not a challange at all for the splitter, we can confidently say that our improved design which channels air through the splitter rather than any gaps between bumper and the splitter, which helped great amounts and improved the part's stability. It is also worth noting that most of these roads were not kept maintained so dirt and soil were scooped by the splitter which resulted in no damage.

Overall the splitter has done a lot better than we expected before the test. Honestly, we expected that the splitter to be a write off by the end of the test and will need replacing. We were wrong though - this splitter is not going anywhere. Moreover we can now recommend it to all our customers, knowing for sure that it will last, even if you decide to take a fun trip!

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Here are a few photos of the front end we managed to take in Wales: