Boost and charge pipes now available to pre-order!

Everyone would like their cars to be as powerful as possible. Especially when you buy a BMW with a massive, three litre engine you expect to get some decent gains. And you are quite right if you do!

However, while chasing numbers many forget about supporting mods. When you remap your engine, it puts a lot of extra stress on the whole vehicle. This is when charge and boost pipes begin to crack, split and blow what as a result leaves you with car off the road.

At Shuttergang we are car enthusiasts our selves and we like our cars powerful too! We wasted no time and looked into sourcing the pipes for you! Over last couple of months we were in talks with FTP Motorsport and now we became their official UK distributor.

Our talks are being finalised right now and this is where you can benefit! We listed a few of the most popular products from FT in our online store where you can purchase them at a discounted, pre-order price until 16/06/2018.

Here are quick links to the products:

B58 (x40i) Charge Pipe
N55 (x35i) Charge + Boost pipes set
N55 (M2) Charge + Boost pipes set
S55 (M3 / M4) Charge + Boost pipes set